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Just pulled the pin on a new band saw!

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Hi All - brand new member here!

I've been turning for a few years, but I just today pulled the pin on a G055X Grizzly band saw and I'm ridiculously excited about it!

A special thank you to Woodmaster123 who was kind enough to offer me his 10% off discount code which unfortunately did not work - BUT - it did end up leading me to procuring a code of my own so any way you cut it I saved over $120 with all the other stuff I snagged.

Hopefully have it in about a week or two up here in Canada!

I'd love to hear any tips, tricks or thoughts from you folks on this particular saw. I did order the riser kit as well.

Cheers all!

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Thanks guys!

I had read that the stock blades left much to be desired so I ordered these Timberwolf blades as well - figured these 3 should cover all my needs:

105" X 3/8" X 0.025" X 10 RAKER BS BLADE
105" X 1/2" X .032" X 3 TPI AS-S BLADE
105" X 1/8" X 0.025" X 14 HP BS BLADE

congrats on the new saw but how about putting a decent blade on it to maximize it's performance? t-wolfs are like the chevy of the blade world. look to woodslicers from highland or lennox promasters from iturra for blades with properly aligned welds that will track well and not oscillate, adding unnecessary wear to your saw's thrust bearings, and accuracy ruining vibration to your BS cuts.
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