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Just Ordered Myself a Father's Day Present

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I have an excellent PC Speedmatic 7518 under my router table. The only problem is that it's less than easy to adjust and change bits. An offset wrench helps with the bit changes but height adjustment still means groping under the table.

I considered a router lift but most of them that fit the 7518 are more than the price of a new router. I've been eying up a 3-1/4 HP Triton TRA001 for months, as the newer versions of it seem to get good reviews and it has excellent above table controls. I've just been waiting for a good price.

I've been watching Hartville Tool as they don't charge shipping or tax. I looked tonight to find that they have a Father's Day sale of 10% off nearly everything. On top of that, Triton has a deal where you get a $20 gift card with a router purchase. Since those two things knocked about $50 off the price, I ordered myself a Dad's Day present tonight!

When I get it I'll let you guys know how it is to set up and use.

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congadulations, Please do a review when you have time...
Hi Bill - congratulations, I'm sure your gonna love that in your table. 7518 is a great motor but pretty much created the market for lifts.:smile:
You'll like that router a lot. I've had that same router in my table for a year and a half now and it's a beast. It's easy to raise and lower from above, and has more than adequate power to route any wood.:thumbsup:
I got my new router on Wednesday (it shipped quick!) and got it set up today. I like the above the table adjustment and bit change a lot. It took me a little while to figure out all the controls as it's not nearly as basic as the PC 7518 it's replacing.

The height can be adjusted several ways. There is a button in the middle of the side knob that releases the adjustment mechanism completely and lets the router slide up and down unimpeded. It's a push on, push off mechanism (took me a bit to figure that out). Then there is a lock ring on the inside of the same knob that when pulled in, lets you turn the knob to adjust the router up and down by way of a rack and pinion setup. Also there is the fine adjustment knob and for under-table use there is a crank that engages the fine adjustment knob from the bottom.

There is a long spring that needs to be removed for under-table use that in upright operation, lets the router pop up vertically when released. There are cautions in the directions and on the router to be careful when removing the spring so you don't take your eye out or some such thing.

There is a dust port that apparently connects to a standard household vacuum cleaner hose (not shop vac type). See the picture.

The one hangup I ran into when swapping out the PC was that the Triton uses smaller screws - but not metric! It uses 1/4x20 where the PC uses 5/16. The screws from the Triton's base weren't long enough to use on the table so I had to make a hardware store run. One great thing: The Triton base it the same bolt pattern as the big PC. The only drilling I had to do was for the adjustment crank rod.

I mounted the Triton so the adjustment crank was away from the fence. This put the under table height adjustments to the right and the lock lever just behind that. Then the power switch is to the left rear and the speed control rear center. All are still easy to reach - you just have to know where they are.

I have a paddle type switch on the router table so the only time I have to use the router's switch is for bit changes. To raise the collet all the way up (which locks the shaft) the switch has to be in the off position first. This is a good thing as now I don't have to unplug the router for a bit change as I'll know that the power must be off.

I haven't made any sawdust yet but the Triton soft-starts and runs smoothly. Below are some pics.


The PC 7518

The Triton in place

Two BIG routers. That's almost 7 hp total right there

The dust port that takes a household vacuum cleaner hose

My favorite shot. this shows the height adjustment and the chuck all the way up for a bit change. The mounting holes were the same as for the PC, but the screws were smaller
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Thx for your review, I noticed that you have a bosch router table, how is that table are you happy with it?
<<I noticed that you have a bosch router table, how is that table are you happy with it? >>

I guess I should be a little embarassed that I don't have a high end or home-built router table, but the Bosch RA1181 serves my needs well. Several years ago I realized I needed a router table for a project. If I would have built my own table, it would have delayed starting the new project (I don't do much 'quickly'). I picked up the Bosch because it's size was right for my relatively small shop and it has a nice variety of attachments with it. Then I spent time later building a plywood cabinet for it.

I have seen some complaints about the Bosch table top being uneven but mine is flat. As you can see, I replaced the power switch with one that's easier to operate.

My biggest complaint? The multiple bolt patterns for a router did not include one for the big PC that I used so I had to drill (Bosch table without a PC bolt pattern - who would have thought). This was tricky as some holes overlapped existing ones, but it worked out fine.

I see this table goes on sale on Amazon from time to time. Right now they have it for $169. Bosch makes a smaller table but I think the RA1181 is a superior unit.

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Congrats! Definitely follow up and less us know how you like the router. :thumbsup:
Nice job - I'm sure you are gonna like that Triton.:thumbsup:
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