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Hello from The Dawg
Just joined your group and am looking forward to working with you. Believe it or not we just moved to Lake of the Ozarks, MO from Phoenix, AZ. Yesterday the grass was green and today it's white. Building a 30X30 steel building for a woodworking shop. I think it was a good idea to have it insulated after seeing this white stuff on the ground. It sure isn't sawdust. I love woodworking and try to build anything that I want and visualize from my mind or a picture. Not much of a computer GEEK but try. I think I'm more of a computer BEEK. I am a professional clown but clowning in Missouri seems to be something not to many people do, so guess the woodworking will be my mainstay. We also sell promotional products and other items online like wood finish and emergency products. Looking forward for next year and buying a boat. The lake is 92 miles long and sounds like it will be fun to go check it out. If you read all of this. Thank You.
Dennis Mitchell
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