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Hi everyone,

I hope that someone out there has run in to this same or very similar issue or maybe knows of someone that has and can help me out.

I inherited my dads Craftsman table saw and I have been using it with the original fence until recently; a garage mishap damaged the fence.

I couldn't afford a Vega, Biesmeyer, or Unifence, but I found what appeared to be a very good buy on a Delta T2-30 fence and rail system at the local Lowes for $135.00. After researching it and reading reviews from others who have already bought one (and the fact that it clearly states it will work on Craftsman saws too), I took the plunge.

The rails mounting holes do not align with any of the Craftsman holes in the table or extensions. There also isn't any mention of a template for drilling/tapping new holes or for that matter, positioning of the rails, (how far to the left/right and the illustration doesn't match the holes orientation for adding an extension table).

The specs:

Craftsman: FLEX DRIVE 10" table saw.
Model 113.241680 Cast iron table 20" wide
a rt / lt 10" ext. wings for 40" inches overall

20 3/4" from blade to edge of rt. extension.
27" front to back of saw.

Delta T² Fence System: 30" Capacity Fence Sys.

I am not in a hurry to drill holes in this saw if there is a possibility of finding a template or perhaps someone with the same setup. I have read reviews that reflect users satisfaction of the setup after "drilling a few holes".

Sorry this first post was such a long one. I have sentimental attachment to this saw and it performs very well, so I don't want to drill and mount these rails too far left or right etc.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts,

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From what I can tell, you'd mount it all the way to the left of you're table. let the overhang of the rails go to the Right. Almost every tablesaw I've seen has the longer rails going to the right.

Now, I'd set it up for how much ripping capacity you want. I'd go for atleast 24" to the RH side of the blade.
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