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I recently purchased a new Jet JJ-6CSDX 6" jointer. I really like it. I have never had a stationay jointer before so I'm not sure if my problem is in the setup or the operator.

The problem is that if I have piece of stock that needs face planed with 3 or 4 passes one side of the stock ends up thicker than the other. If the stock was even thickness before planing it will have uneven thickness from side to side after planing as if one side of the knife rotor was higher than the other. I have checked the setup multiple times per the instruction manual and all seems well.

Is this a common problem due to technique more than setup? It's as if I was putting more pressure on the side of the stock against the fence. I try to place the least amount of pressure on the stock as possible when face planing to prevent flexing.

Anybody have any ideas?

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