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Space is somewhat limited in my basement shop and I need a jointer. I am seriously considering a jointer/planer combo unit. I have a grizzly band saw and have been very satisfied. I am looking at the 10" grizzly combo unit, but haven't seen a lot out there about this unit. It has a 2 knife cutter and there aren't comparable units to which I can compare it. I have heard raving reviews about the Hammer 10" combo unit, but wonder if the $$$$ is justified. I don't see many of either unit for sale used, so it makes me wonder if few are actually sold or do the units perform great (keeping people from selling them as used). Any thoughts?

where's my table saw?
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OK now sit down.

This is gonna hurt..... :blink:
The best units are expensive up to $4500.00

except Grizzly:

I have an older Mini Max FS35 and rarely use it. It works great but the changerover time and dust collection change is a PITA. I hope they have improved on that in the newest version above.

You can get mobile bases for your stationary jointer and a decent 15" planer and you will be much happier in my opinion.
Space is not as expensive as you might think in sq ft terms.

I have a 15" and 13" planer and a 8" and several 6" jointers they are on mobile bases. Get the widest and longest jointer you can find and you will be happiest. The combo machines have table that are really too short for the best results, but are workable on the Mini Max.

My planers are 3 HP no nonsense cast iron models an old Foley Belsaw and a 15" Jet and they are both solid machines.

The 8" jointer is a 2HP Grizzly, not the biggest or best, but it was the cheapest 8" I could find new. It is also a solid machine.

So there Ya go. ;) bill
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