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Thanks for the suggestions guys. I have some pretty decent size leg cutoffs that I will practice my M&T technique. I have also thought about trying to borrow a Domino from someone at my local woodworker club but don't know him that well and not sure I would let a stranger borrow a $900 piece of equipment.

There is actually going to be a decent amount of cross bracing going on between the stretchers. I have attached (hopefully) a picture of what I want the top design to look like. The only way I can determine to get that design is to have a number of cross braces underneath the table to attached the top pieces to.

I am thinking that with the amount of cross bracing, the pocket screws and glue may be okay but I am going to get some M&T mockups practiced before making the final decision...

anyone have thoughts on how to get this table top design while keeping all fasteners underneath??
personally, here is where I would think the pocket screws would be beneficial. I would think that several stringers under the top in a grid work would be an option. I would think If you can get 3 screws per top board you would be ok, Since it is an out door table it will be exposed to the elements and you will have movement. the spacing and the screws would allow for this.

for the aprons and legs. I would think M&T with honched (sp) tenons would be a good paring.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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