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Hi guys,

In progress of moving into a bigger shop and thinking for the future when i have more time than hobby woodturning and I can work on some smallish cabinetry type projects. Should I get a seperate planner like the dewalt dw 735x? And then look for like a grizzly joiner like the GO452p? I know grizzly makes a combo joiner planer how is that? Any other suggestions? I did a quick forum search and didn't see any threads like this...my budget is under $1500 for both items


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I would go with a separate joiner and planer. The combos that I've seen appear to be a joiner with a makeshift attachment to allow for planing. Yes, they will allow joining and planing operations, but I doubt they would do either very well. With $1500, you could get a 735x and a nice joiner. That big blue store down the road from my house has the 735x for about $650 (so $700ish after taxes), which would leave you $800 for a joiner. I'm pretty sure you can find a nice joiner for $800.

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Slightly over budget

Real cast iron machines that will last a lifetime:
Over budget, but not by that much:


OR within budget:


A have an 8" Grizzly jointer 2 HP and it's a great machine.

I also have a min Max 13" combo which I have never used as a planer.... only the jointer, because it's too much trouble to change over and the dust collection is not simple to change either. Maybe newer units have solved that issue? As stated the beds on the combos are too short for accurate edging on longer boards. Extensions or supports can be rigged up if needed. The main reason for a combo is, I believe, is a European demand for minimum footprint and motors. Longknife has a beauty, maybe he will chime in on this.

I definitely prefer separate units.
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