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The PC 893PK router has a spindle locking pin that, once engaged, lets you change bits with a single wrench. I'm wondering if anyone KNOWS whether this pin is accessible from the top-side of a Jessem Mastr Lift Excell router table. I found a review that stated that one can accomplish a bit change with this router from the top-side of SOME router tables. Since the Jessem is so pricey, I'd hate to buy it only to find that it wasn't all accessible from on top.
I'm not familiar with the 893. The question would be is how is the locking pin engaged? button on the side? lever to flip? The Triton automatically engages at a certain collet height but I don't think will work with a lift as it has it's own built in. I have a Freud in my table that uses a cam turned by a lever. I can turn that cam from the top of the table.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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