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I drove to a popular flea market today. One of my purchases is a 9in blade Jennings & Griffin drawknife. It had been cleaned up, but still have a very bad paint job on the handles.

The price was $15. I felt decent price for the condition of the blade, overlooking the awful paint job on the handles. I think the red paint covered factory paint. May have been dark grey, or blue grey.

Automotive exterior Sword Sabre Metal

I had to strip off this paint.

Sword Sabre Sabre Metal

I purchased this to use to clean bark, etc, off log sections for turning.

I would ideally like to replace the handles, slight cracks in these due to the age.

Anyone familiar with J&G drawknife design who can advise what is involved in replacing the handles.

Looks to me like they are riveted on the ends. Perhaps not practical to replace the handles.
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