I'm helping a friend with his dads estate. He bought many wood working tools and most went unused and many never even had the box opened. What I'm posting is Rockwell Jaw Horse and some related items. The Jaw Horse's are out of the box but the rest is new in box. Two items carry the same part number but the box is different for some reason. Hampton, IA is in north central Iowa. I think shipping would be a killer so local pickup my be best.

There are two Jaw Horse's and on top of each horse is a welding clamp setup. Between the two horses is the same item (part number) but different box size is a miter saw station. EDIT: Just noticed the big box has TWO miter saw stations in it so a total of three for sale. The box on the left is a plywood jaw.

Also a NIB Jet air filtration system.

I didn't list any pricing as he has yet to set that. His dad was a hoarder and the scope of things to sell is beyond your imagination. Many, many NIB items stashed away. It is simply overwhelming!!! There is everything from vacuum cleaner bags to welders and a 40 foot boat, REAL (2) airplanes, A wood Cris Craft inboard boat (one of 30) built and on and on.

If you have interest please let me know and I'll facilitate you getting in touch with my friend. If he gets pricing set I'll edit this post.

Thank you for looking!!!


EDIT: For some reason I can't upload any photos.