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I built this customer a custom staircase, and he was so impressed with my work he had me do several other projects including this jatoba and aluminum wall paneling. He wanted something contemporary and loved the look of the jatoba that I used on his staircase so he described to me a little of what he wanted it to look like and I threw in my own suggestions and this is what it turned out looking like.

I started out sheeting the wall with 1/4 MDF to give the aluminum a nice smooth surface to adhere to. The aluminum is a solid piece that is 4'x12'x 1/32". I then I built a border that encased the panels. The panels themselves are removable and are hanging off of the wall by about 1 1/2" which make them appear to be floating in the air.

The flat panel LCD TV gets mounted to the wall mount in the center and there is wiring for the center speaker to be placed on the mantle.

You can check out this project and others on the what's new page on my website. http://treeoflifestairs.com
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