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Hi all,

While visiting my grandparents my grandfather showed me a faulty Rigid EB4424 he got from a friend for $20. When he started it up the motor made a loud humming noise but the spindle would not turn or go up and down.

We took off the belt attachment and re did the tracking on it and it started up fine. Did it a few times to confirm and all was well. He gave it to me and I got it home -- first time I started it up, all was well. When my dad came over I showed him and it had the same motor issue as at my grandparents. I took the belt attachment off and still the same. It seems sometimes it will work when I turned it on and sometimes it won't.

Not sure what to do. Is the motor shot? I took the bottom off to get access to the motor. It's a simple as it gets, wire to switch to relay to motor. Can I fix this, or am I going to have to get a replacement motor from Rigid, which I'm sure will be damn close to the cost of replacing the entire tool.

1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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