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Is some planer snipe to be expected?

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Hi - I bought a Dewalt 735 in January and just getting around to setting it up. I've only run a couple of boards through but there is noticeable snipe at the beginning and end of the boards. I have never owned a planer before and am curious if some snipe is to be expected . I guess I am wondering if something might be wrong / need adjustment on this planer. Appreciate any inputs. - Thanks.
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Thanks everyone for the inputs & ideas. I heard good things about this planer and maybe naively thought it would work perfectly out of the box. Sounds like it might be a combination of adjustment and technique.
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Thanks for the additional ideas. I have read that feeding in a piece of sacrificial wood at front and back of the good piece causes the snipe to move from good piece to the sacrificial pieces. Rick's graphic seems to support that. idea. I'll also try lifting the ends as suggested.
I tried a few things this morning, pretty much what was outlined by calabrese55. The extensions as received were really out of flat with the planer - particularly the outfeed. With a 4' level and some weight to hold it down on the planer bed, I adjusted both infeed and outfeed to be level/flat with the planer. This improved the snipe dramatically, probably to the point sanding would take care of it, although I didn't try that for this test. Next I used a sacrificial piece on the front end. This "completely" eliminated snipe on the leading edge and slight snipe on trailing end. I can live with this, especially since I get the feeling that it can't be eliminated 100%..although as I start to use it more, I'll always look for ways to improve. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts.
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