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Hey guys!

Let's go straight to the question:

Is it possible to import .PNC or .PTX files to Holzma CADmatic 3?

.PNC is from Cabinet Vision.
.PTX is Cabinet Vision's export to a Holzma machine, although it doesn't really work if I put it directly into the CADmatic 3's folder of patterns(I'm not sure though, I haven't tried)

I can't remember the CADmatic 3's extension, but I suppose you guys already know that.

So yeah, the titles says it all. Could you guys helps me import PNC/PTX files into CADmatic 3? w/o CADmatic 3's Euro DataTransfer.

Note: I don't want a Data Transfer from HOMAG. Some people call it HolzLink

Edit: The CADmatic's file extension is .SPL

So in short, is there an easier way to convert .PNC/.PTX into .SPL? without buying HOMAG's Data Transfer?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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