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Hi Guys;
Many thanks for the warm welcome. Where to start? The laser is a very versatile tool that adds a whole new dimension to traditional woodworking. For a quick overview go to www.laserarts.net and click on "Unique" at the top of the Home page.
As a sample, here's a gift plaque which I just finished for a young lady for her mother. It is walnut and cherry inlaid on maple. The plaque was engraved with the laser and the letters were cut from thin walnut by the laser and inlaid into the plaque-then sanded and finished. The lasering process took about 40 minutes and the inlay process (setting the words and gluing) took about 40 minutes.
Unfortunately, lasers are still pretty expensive and not the kind of tool you're likel;y to find at Home Depot, but someday......
Best regards;


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