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Inlay Help Now... Contingency Up!

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So I did an inlay using some curly maple with padauk for the inlay. I used a vector laser cutter to cut the template in both. I did the wood whisperer inlay method with the 1/16" bit. During the planing of the final product, a chunk of the padauk came out. AHHH!

I can just go back and route out the original pattern, but what could I put in there? I have some epoxy, and I was thinking about mixing in some of this, that, whatever. But I've never done it. I spent some time on that fleur de lis and i'd hate to junk that piece of maple. Its quite nice.

Ideas anyone?
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I think you could mix some epoxy, maybe with some colorant and fill the space left by the missing piece, but the epoxy will be monochromatic and won't look like the awesome woods you've chosen.

Do you have a picture of the problem?
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