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I'm Egyptian and i love woodworking

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Hello woodworkers,
I'm Mohammed from Egypt and i love woodworking
I started woodworking since 2010 and i kept piling out experience
Now i have fewer problems with woodworking
I now have a Facebook page, and a YouTube channel and I'll be posting videos soon. Thanks for your time
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I find it very interesting that you have a passion for woodworking which is so deep in your history. My wife is Egyptian she moved to the US in 2004. We got married in Egypt in 2011. I loved that the Egyptians invented dovetails, mortise an tenons, an ect.

I hope you make contacts with designers in your area. But I know the political situation is bad now. But hang in there work will come with the improvement of your skill. Good luck an my god bless you.
thanks man
21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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