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Ideas for rolling table saw

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I have a table saw that I would like to convert to something a little more mobile. I often move the saws outside of the garage when working and need to add wheels to my table saw & stand. I though I saw a picture of a saw that used a metal rod to force attached dolly tires down so that the table saw could move, but then release said device and the wheels didn't contact the ground=more stable.

Any ideas and/or pictures of solutions you have design to make your equipment more mobile?

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This isn't a table saw, and it's not mine, but there's no reason the concept can't work with a TS.

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I don’t know what type of saw you have, but I’m cheap so I made wheels from Harbor Freight wheels and Unistrut.

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Harbor freight has mobile bases for table saws - I've used a few that were on sale for $30. For the super heavy (cabinet saws/jointers) I go with the HTC-2000 ($65 @ Home Depot) as they seem to hold up to the big 500lb items a little better.
I have a mobile base from Rockler than you add the wood, so you can make it fit any tool. Has a lever you step on to activate the one wheel. Works good.
I don't know how heavy your saw is but I have a heavy Grizzly 18-36 inch drum sander mounted on one of the Harbor Freight mobile bases. My band saw and drill press (with custom table and cabinet) are also mounted on the bases.
I made one out of plywood and 2x4,s and put some heavy duty wheels on it.
Lag screwed them on the lag screw the top of my say on it.
It came with a roll around base on it but his way I have storage under my saw also.
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