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where's my table saw?
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a little advice here

Custom furniture is very $$$ expensive when made to specifications and finished and shipped even if you found someone on this site who would do it. There are so many variables and working across the ocean back and forth is not easy. :no: Changes or modifications would be cost prohibitive. I suggest finding someone local and work on a person to person basis, client to contractor/artisian. That's just my recommendation. ;) bill

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I'm looking for a woodworker who can make some furniture like: chest drawers, mirrors, bed cot, bed side table, bookshelves, chair, table and others.
I'll be glad to ear from you even if you only make one of those furniture mentioned above.
For those who are interested I can't attach a PDF file with some drawings due to his size.
I also need to know more about the service you can provide.

Email to [email protected] for PDF file.

The furniture can be made by pine or MDF, I would like to compare both prices.

All drawers must have white runners and the furniture are painted in white except table, chair, shapes, handle, mirror.
Is it possible that white furniture don't have varnish in some parts like in the front of the drawers so I could paint it over?
How much will it be without any painting?
If some piece needs to be repair how does it work? (for example if the painting starts to break)
That's the estimated time to delivery?
How much is the transport for Putney, London?
Do you have any discount for quantity?

With the services that you don't make, can you give me any reference of someone that does?

Thank you

TimRoark, is that you?

wood hacker
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a plane ticket and a 1098 ducati for me to get around on, guest house and some currency and i can be there in a day or two,

don'tworry i can hack what you need, remember caulk and paint makes a carpenter what he ain't
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