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Two weeks ago a storm blew down the old scaly bark hickory we played under as a child on my granddad's place, but it was still in the family yeehaw!!! My mom gave it to me (one 10' x 28" log) plus a standing dead pecan (two 8'6" x 32" one with large crotch) AND a standing dead spalting hackberry (11' x 28" with a crotch)....sad to see them down but Blessed to get a chance to rebirth them into something else....especially with the history...and no one or property was damaged from this.

I'll open this as a group topic, but will do new ones as the SAWING BEGINS. I'll try this in order of pics....my granddaughter and I standing on the hickory (about 8' in the air)...hickory on the wagon....pecan and cookies...standing dead hackberry (notice knothole)........knothole, I had to remove to prep for sawing (on saw to be cut first).

Enjoy and have a Blessed and prosperous day in Jesus's Awesome Love,


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