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Pictures show small part of hanging doors, something more or less like the wild west saloon doors. I've got a slight problem with them: they move with a loud and annoying sound.
I'd like to regulate them so there wont be so much of resistance when they move. BUT. Im unable, since i dont know how the regulate part inclunded on the pictures

Thx in advance for any help !!

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There are small holes for a supplied tension rod to turn the knuckle to increase or decrease the tension. Here are general instructions, maybe not specific to your brand.

Shut the door and find the adjustment slot on the upper knuckle on the hinge's pin barrel. Locate three tiny holes within the slot.

Slide the tension adjustment lever provided with the hinge in the opening on the right-side. Push the lever to the left until the opening is in the middle.

Push in the tension pin into the hole to the right of the lever. Ease up on the tension lever until the adjustment pin is touching the right side of the slot.

Open the door and let it swing freely to test the tension. If the tension is too light, the repeat the steps to increase it.

Read more: http://www.ehow.com/how_6664734_spring-hinge-instructions.html#ixzz2rt8L6MFg


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