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if you google it, there are a hundred different designs to choose from.
I've made a couple of veneer hammers in the past and somehow, they just manage to "disappear". so, for another Covid Project, I decided to make another one.
I picked up some really nice wood remnants at WoodCraft and really like the look of Canary Wood. so I chose that for this project.
I first started with a prototype made out of HDU just to get the look and feel of what I wanted. then, a paper pattern and cut out with a bandsaw. (it ain't rocket science).

Wood Wood stain Plywood Cutting board

Wood Hardwood Wood stain Plywood Wood flooring

then the groove for the brass piece is cut on the table saw. the brass piece is cut from a larger flat stock with a hacksaw. buffed to a high shine and 5 minute epoxy secures it in place.


Wood Plywood Hardwood Wood stain Floor

Wood Hardwood Table Plywood

Wood Hardwood


I can't find the photos right now of how the through tenon was cut.
will post those later when they surface.

now, if only I had some veneer projects to work on !!



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Very nice, John! It's been a long time since I've done some hammer veneering with hot hide glue and I don't think my veneer hammer is around now. I like yours so if/when I make another I'll 'borrow' your design - looks like it will work pretty good. :grin:

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