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How old is my Jointer?

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I am trying to figure out about how old my jointer is. I need to replace the blades and just might go ahead and replace the cutterhead assembly as a unit, especially since it comes with all the associated parts, inluding 3 knife set and bearings. A new v-belt pulley and this should perform like a new one.

I have been using it for about a year and it has worked fine so far. New blades would make it produce a better looking finish.

It is a Jet JJ-6CSX - with the blue(?) paint scheme and factory mobile base.

The problem is apparently it had been sitting for awhile and the head is kinda rusty on one side and so are the bolts and the blade. Probably condensation since they were on the bottom of the head.

Other than that, I like it.

I found the replacement parts at eReplacement Parts.com. I haven't found anywhere else to compare prices.

Any help appreciated.


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From the looks of it, I wouldn' think there would be too much rust that it wouldn't clean up fine. The tops of the infeed and outfeed tables looks okay, so it's not like it's been sitting out in the rain. I'd just put some new knives in it, since it's been working okay so far.
That is what I did, Tom. I spent several hours working on the bed and fence and they cleaned up pretty good. Everything got cleaned up and lubed. Yesterday, I heard a noticeable difference in the noise when it was running. Upon further review, I realized the keyway and set screw that holds it in had come loose. After putting everything back in its place it ran OK again. Since I don't know what a new one sounds like, I got to thinking it was about time for blades and bearings.

Thus my quest to find out what year it is and to see if the current parts will fit. It looks like they will. Heck I don't even know if the blades can be flipped or there is just one cutter per blade.
I bought the same jointer a few months ago on craigslist. It even has that same sticker on the front comparing it to other models. The guy I bought it from said he bought it somewhere around 1998-2000, but he couldn't remember the exact date.

I believe that is right about the same time that Jet switched to the white paint.
I have the same jointer

It will have only one cutting edge per blade. I got mine off Craig's List about 2 years ago. I sharpen the blades, reinstalled them and polished the tables. It runs great and cuts nicely. The outfeed table is adjustable which aids in setting the knives dead level across.

This link says its pre 1998:
I was just logging in to say the same thing about single edge. You beat me to it. I did want to add that the bearings are probably sealed and their life is dependent on how much it has been used,1000s BF? I think they would start sqealing if they were going bad. But it sounds like you're talking youself into a spiral cutterhead.
Dang, you guys are great! Just ask and you shall receive! :) So pre 1998 it is. After thinking about it, I have owned it for about a year and a half. I got it from a guy that was selling a hugh amount of big machines - wide belt sanders, panel gluing frames,etc. He had a unisaw but no way to test run it and I couldn't figure out how to move it because it was so heavy.

I found the spiral cutterhead at Grizzly so I am now thinking about gong that way. That should last me for years. The six inch is a good size for my small work area. No way I could have an eight inch so I might as well make this one work as good as I can.

Thanks again for all the help.
I really appreciate it.
Why would you replace the entire cutter head assembly? I dunno how much you priced a new assembly for but you can replace the knives and bearings for under 20 bucks!:thumbsup:
I placed my order for the spiral cutterhead so good times are on the way.
BB, the head is rusty and so are the bolts. The blades I saw were 80-100 buxs. I did some that were $20 or so but have no idea how they would perform. I have no experience changing/setting the cutters. The spiral will solve that problem since it is plug-n-play. :) And it comes with the bearings installed.
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