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I have a wooden platform, made of 1.5 inch thick redwood. The platform looks like this, with a dimension of 5 feet X 28 inches X 7 inches. It seems to be heavy, at least around 50lbs or more. The picture is of the underside of the platform.

http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/8760436629/

I would like to hang this platform from the sides of two redwood planters at each end.

http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/8760431873/

Each planter is made of of 1.5 inch thick redwood pieces. The planter dimension is 31 inches X 13 inches

So basically the final arrangement would be to have each planter at both ends and the platform hanging/resting on a reverse L shaped piece made of 1.5 inch thick redwood and bolted to the planter. The sides of the platform will rest on the opening of the reverse "L". Each "L" piece would be bolted using 2, 3/8"x5 inch hex bolts.

L shaped piece



I am curious if this arrangement will support the stress. This is meant to be used as a patio bar.


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I'm not sure exactly what your talking about. Pictures generally help but all but one of your links work.

Draw a diagram of what your wanting to to an d post it with explanation. It might help.

we suggest uploading images to the forum instead of using those outside hosting services just for that reason. links don't work for any number of reasons. Pictures hosted here are always available.

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Looks like your horizontal platform needs another side attached.
If you have two supports on each end then I assume they will be separated by a 2" open space.
If that is the case, and when you refer to stress as how much weight it will support and it will be used as a bar. Then it will be strong enough to support a fair amount of weight provided you add the other side piece to the horizontal. You should be able to stand on this setup without a problem.
I'm not sure the L brackets help any more than resting the top on a 2x6 attached to the vertical planters. A couple more bolts on each end will help.
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