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Hot Deal of the Day!!!

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Lowes is selling Irwin's 60T 10" 5/8" arbor sawblade for $19.98 packaged along with 2 FREE 40T 10" blades! That's three (3) 10" 5/8" arbor sawblades for under $20. Even though they're probably mediocre quality, it's great to have a few decent extras on hand just in case.
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Bought this yesterday. If I'm not cutting "good wood", then I'll be using one of these cheapies. Thanks for the heads up.

I scored a Bosch 3pc 1/2" shank bit set for $25 as well. It was on clearance. I think they are doing away with their 1/2 shank bits, cause I only saw 1/4" on the wall.
I noticed in Lowes the other day that they apparently are going full tilt with the Kobalt line on virtually everything, including drill bits and screwdriving bits. I used to get some good deals on Hitachi bits including the glass and tile ones but that's all Kobalt now and they don't look as well made.

I don't know much about them as of late but years back, they were an American manufacturer that supplied Snap-On with some of its stuff, especially screwdrivers. Now, all of it's China-made, like that comes as a big surprise to anyone.
Man, thats a good deal on the saw blades. I use Irwin blades all the time. Have had no problems with em.
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