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Home Made Air Filter

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Ok, so I finally got around to building my air cleaner today......I had intended to build it into the rafters to save space, but with the low ceiling (7 foot basement) and the lack of a clean run of rafters (wiring, plumbing, hvac, lighting, ect. has made me build a free standing one. So i've built it to use 20x20 furnace filters. It uses a 370 cfm fan from a kitchen chimney hood. which I intend to duct over into the next room to dump the clean air. The thought behind this plan is to increase the air pressure in the other room, decrease it in my shop, thereby creating an ever so minor breeze back into the shop.

Anyhow.....my current stage is deciding on the number and type of filters. I'm trying to decide between 2 and 3 filters. Heres what I plan on using for sure.....

Stage 1

Stage 2

Should I use this one for a 3rd and final stage?


My concern is that a 3rd stage will reduce air flow......however the air would be cleaner.

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370 isn't much

I would not use a bunch of filters, rather just one and clean it out often or slip in a clean spare one. By restricting the air flow the motor may overheat, I donno. It probably wasn't designed to have a lot of resistance. Something about pressure levels maybe? The commercial units have a squirrel cage fan. What does your's have?
Any dust you capture is no longer in the room so whatever you can filter is a good thing. :yes:

Very clean and well done. Let us know how it works. :thumbsup:
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