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hide glue

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Hi All.
If you have an opinion on hide glue I would like to here it good or bad and the work time you have when you use it. I always use titebond 2 however there are times here in AZ were my shop gets up to 110 inside even with the fan on so work time on a glue up is fast. Thanks for any opinions you have or if you know of a glue that has a longer work time for table tops.

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Titebond has a liquid hide glue. Also the original Titebond has a longer work time that the II. Although not a hell of allot longer. I used hide glue many many years ago when I was a kid learning my trade. Hated it. Allot of work and stink. But maybe it has improved since then.
Hide Glue

I like hide glue. It sets up quickly. Search for "rub joint." That will explain a great deal. There is "Old Brown Glue" and it has more open time. They sell it on their web site. If you decide to use hide glue don't buy a glue pot made for hide glue. One can use a small crock pot. Search the web and you can find out a great deal about it.
Thanks to both of you for your opinion.

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