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Greetings there sports fans and music lovers,

My name is Matt Worner and I hail from the northeast corner of New Mexico, to which I escaped from the New York metro area of North Jersey upon retirement about 6-1/2 years ago. My background is in electrical and technical work, and as with all construction work I picked up a little of this and that from other crafts on the job. I'm in the process of putting together a multi-purpose shop in which to restore/refurb vintage Airstream trailers. This will include constructing complete interiors, of wood. So far I've got the sawdust part down pat, but the utility of the offcuts is still open for discussion.

My shop is a 55x116 foot Quonset barn which brings the shop space issue to a new dimension. So big I rarely can find anything smaller than a breadbox. I gotta get organized...next week. Eventually the furniture part of the operation will be enclosed in its own shop within the bigger building so I can have the trailer parked next to it and move from the finishing room right into the Airstream (everything in an Airstream trailer goes in through the door; it's designed that way).

Shop equipment includes:

Laguna TSS w/scoring
Rikon 6" jointer
Jessem router table
Dewalt 12" planer
Rigid oscillating drum/belt sander
Craftsman bench top drill press
Craftsman 1/2" spindle shaper
Rigid 12" SCMS
Craftsman 6"belt/9"disc sander
Clear-vue cyclone dust collector
5 hp 80 gal Ingersoll Rand compressor

Next up will be a Grizzly GO514X3 bandsaw. That's right, the three phase model. All the irrigation systems out here are 3ph 480Vac so getting 120/208 three phase to the roundtop was a piece of cake. The compressor is three phase too.

Several routers, some Festool stuff, half dozen skilsaws and other assorted hand and power tools round out the bag of tricks.

Current project is setting up my shop furniture. Two more (at least) 2' x 8' workbenches and a 3' x 7' torsion box assembly table are currently hanging on the floor in pieces waiting for cooler weather (That metal building is like a big toaster oven in the hot sun). Then to build the conditioned space for the furniture shop and start moving trailers inside.

How did I ever find time to go to work when I had a job...?


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