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Hi this is (Rockysaw); For 35 years my most popular asked questions at the shop has been "whats the best kind of saw blade to use" and how many/what kind of teeth do I need. Even in my own grinding shop, I've had to find the denominator for providing customers with super cutting edge finishes, that every tool knowingly has.
To help answer some of these tough woodworking questions about what shaper cutters-router bits-saw blades-profile grinding with HSS and Carbide all have in common, is the geometry, it can make or brake a tool and/or a project. Sometimes knowing this calculus beforehand can save hours of trial and error. These joining ratios all have a job to do with feed speed, rpm, clearance angles, tooth style shape, hook and pitch, number of teeth or wings, etc, etc. For questions and ordering your next tool, give me a call or send a message through this forum. 970-481-0033
Kind regards,
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