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help with tree trunk (horizontal) slices

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I am trying to provide a horizontal slice of a tree trunk for a friends project. She will use this 14 inch diameter slice (from a tree trunk) to display a cake on. The slice is about 3 inches thick. As these slices sit in my garage (curing) they always split. I don't know what kind of tree they are from. Do I need to use a specific type of tree? I live in Dallas Texas and would sure appreciate some advice. Sadly, i can't attach a photo of the slices i've been working with but hopefully, you will understand from my explanation.
Thanks, [email protected]
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Don't know of a way to prevent these "cookies" from splitting. It's just the nature of wood.

Possibly impregnating with PEG, but then I wouldn't put a cake on it.

You could make a preemptive saw cut from the outside to the center so at least it would look intentional.
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