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I'm getting ready to build a very simple computer desk. This is borderline non-woodworking :)

The plan is to have a sheet of 3/4" ply (though I could go to 1" if need be) that is 6' 5" x 25" in size with four simple metal legs on the corners. I don't have the time to make this very intricate, so my hope is that the ply will be strong enough on its own to support the span and a couple of computer monitors. That said, I'm pretty sure I need some sort of bracing to run along the length of the desk. My thoughts are

0) nothing but the plywood
1) run a single 1"x2.5" hardwood beam across the middle (the long way). The beam would run so that the 1" side is glued and screwed to the bottom of the desk.
2) same as (1) but run two beams the long way evenly spaced
3) some sort of X with two beams
4) a full blown apron

I'm trying to keep this as simple as possible, so my preference is (0), but I appreciate that I may need to do more. Any suggestions are VERY much appreciated.

Happy Labor Day,

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Ditto what c-man said. The banding will prevent the edges of the ply from being damaged and you can also sand a nice round over for a smooth transition where your arms/hands will be running over.
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