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I am new to woodworking and am just finishing up my first workbench. I purchased a 10" Eclipse vise, and took it apart to clean and install the vise. I have reassembled it, but the vise jaws won't open.

I did take apart the mechanism on the bottom of the vise that holds the threaded piece which the screw turns against and the flat long metal piece that the quick release lever turns. No matter how I reinstall this mechanism, the threaded pieces does is not snug up against the screw - it's like the quick release is always engaged even though there is not any pressure on it.

There is a wound piece of metal that acts as a spring just behind the quick release lever inside the face of the vise, and I wonder if this has slipped out of place. I did try moving it so that it would be tight, but I didn't want to force it.

I've attached some pictures showing this spring and the mechanism. Also, what is the threaded piece called that the screw turns against?



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