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Help identifying old miter box

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Anyone know anything about this type of miter box:

Note: not my picture

A friend found one of these a while back and gave it to me. I'd forgot I had it until recently, gave it a try today and it works great. Anyone know the manufacturer or age anything really, about it. I don't find any markings on it other than the engraved numbers on the dial on top for setting the angle. Only problem I had with it was I don't have a backsaw tall enough to complete the cut I was trying to make so I had to use a relatively new handsaw(hardened tooth Stanley) the friend was throwing out because it was missing a bolt. It took quite a bit of cleanup because it sat out in the scrap pile for a while before being saved.
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It's a Stanley 116, See here.
One of it's strengths is the ability to use just about any saw in it.
So thats why mine has no markings on it. The markings are on the board and my board has been replaced.
It would make a great conversation piece or paperweight but not very good for accurate miters. Look at the kerfs in the photo, that's how accurate it is.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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