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I am looking for a couple of older parts and was hoping the fellow members of WWT might be able to help me out.

I have a delta 12 planer and want a dust collection adapter for this but everywhere on the net they are sold out.
the planer is model TP400LS
here is a link to the product on amazon
Amazon.com: DELTA 50-445 4-Inch Dust Collector Chute (For Models TP400LS, 22-565 and 22-560): Explore similar items
Does anyone have one of these laying around that they would want to sell?

The second part or parts is for a craftsman router. I would like to have a spare base for it, and I think when I bought it they offered a plunge base for it that I would also like to have, but now I can not find these anywhere.
the model of the router is 320.28190
it is a Craftsman Professional fixed base router.

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