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Help cleaning up hardwood cuts

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I've got a project to make a jewelry box out of purple heart wood. I've got all the pieces cut to size and the front and backs made into pin boards. I used a table saw and jig to get to this point and the other side of the jig matches for the tails but I set it up to cut just 1/32 shy of my depth line. I hate how the blade leaves that tiny v shape, so I thought I'd take that last bit out by hand.

Now I'm baffled as to how to get that last 1/32 cleaned up. After an hour of using a file I have 4 out of 36 slots cleaned up. This purple heart wood is stupid hard and I'm afraid of getting tear out if I try to use a chisel. Any idea's?


On a hardness scale this stuff seems to rate just under 2000 where Oak is 1400 and dough fir / spruce 650-700.
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+1 to a really sharp chisel from both sides. If you're careful there should be minimal tearout. Finish your cut towards the inside. That way if there is tearout it will be mostly hidden by the joint.
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