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Sorry I neglected to do this before I started posting.
I am a retired network engineer and TCP/IP protocols instructor.
Both my Dad and Grandfather were woodworkers.
I am a woodworking newbie and would like to do most of my woodworking with hand tools.
This is driven by ## factors:
1. My shop is in my basement and I only have a space 12' x 23' to use.
2. I don't want dust everywhere.
3. I don't want the noise and,
4. After having almost 40 boxes of stuff from my parents house, most of which had been packed by my Mom before she passed, sitting in my basement for almost 8 years and never opened I made going thru all this my fist project after retirement. In 8 of these boxes were a whole range of hand tools that had been carefully packed and were in excellent shape.
My first thought was to put all of these tools on EBay, but as I kept looking a tool after tool I started to try out some of the planes. After cleaning up one of the planes and sharpening the blades, I gave it a try. I was hooked.
I have now read and read and practiced and practiced and have started building small projects.
My long range goal is to build a whole dining room set complete with 8 chairs. I figure that will carry me through to the grave. :smile:
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