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Hi everyone.

My name is John and I live at 7K feet in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. I am an amature woodworker who is slowly starting to make a custome furniture business for myself. I do not advertise but I tend to do my sanding in my driveway to avoid filling the shop with dust and I keep getting requests for custom pieces by people that are walking the neighborhood. The more I make the more referels I get. I spend about 30% of the year in some of the worlds lovely places like the Middle East, so when I get home I spend most of my time in the shop (my wife calls it the garage) honing my WW skills. I have a wife, Jackie, son Joey, dog Gunny and cat Kramer. I started a Blog the other night so for the main reason of sharing projects with my dad. Please check it out and feel free to comment and post.

7K Craftsman
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