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My woodworking hobby began in New Jersey, about a dozen years ago, with an Introduction To Cabinetmaking class, taken through the local adult-ed program. The class itself turned out to be thin soup, but it prompted me to set up a shop in my basement. I acquired second-hand power tools and built a bench based on a set of plans found online. Long story short, I lost the house in a divorce in 2007, and now I'm in western Pennsylvania, starting over again. I managed to hang onto to most of my tools -- table saw, jointer, router table, miter saw, biscuit joiner, clamps -- but had to make a new bench, as the old one wasn't convenient to move. I managed to talk my son into snatching my Record tail vise from my old bench during a recent visit to his mom's house, so I'm good with that.

My bench needs finishing, but it's otherwise set to go. The wheels are temporary.

I'm a wallcovering contractor by trade. If anyone needs advice dealing with wallcovering removal or installation, don't hesitate to ask.



1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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