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Greetings to all my new friends here at woodworking talk.com-

I'm (re)new to woodworking, was turning on my grandfather's Shopsmith by the time I was 11...for a year or so...and chose woodshop as my elective in jr. high...then not much personal/fun woodworking again until this year.

Through a series of trades, I've set up shop with a Shopsmith 520 (ended up with a couple of old greanies in parts, in case anybody needs something), and I've been pulling 25 years worth of accumulated tools together for several months.

I'm going to build a clock, wood gears and all. I think my design will work. I've been cutting gears for a while, getting them perfect takes a lot of time...a whole clock is going to take forever. Good thing I have that much time.

So, I'm going to do some smaller projects in the meantime...decided pen/pencil turning might be rewarding.

Will be on the lookout for local private sources for turning blanks of just about any size, I can re-saw in my shop...let me know if you have [sic]too much wood on your hands!

Thanks for the resource...

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