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Hello fellow woodworkers! Woodworking has been my hobby for the past six years. Recently moved to a new home and use my two garage exclusively as a woodshop. Some of my tools include a 10" Powermatic table saw, 17" Grizzly bandsaw, Router table with Hitachi plunge router (my first major project that I built with Norm Abrams' video and plans), Jet combination belt and disc sander, Jet spindle sander, Grizzly air collection. Trying to decide on which jointer to buy 6" or 8", make and model(open to suggestions).

I consider my self a newbie and I am self taught (lots of books and magazines in the shop). Wish I had discovered the love of woodworking earlier in life. I am now 60 and looking forward to retirement and working in my woodshop. Looking forward to learning from some of you more experienced woodworkers! I have two workshop rules:

1. The best way to learn is by doing and learning from your mistakes! :eek:
2. After completing a project the subsequent project has to be more difficult and challenging. :huh:

Look forward to hearing from fellow woodworkers!
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