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Hello from Maine

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Getting itchy to fire up the saws. still a little cold for me though.:yes:
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Welcome Stumpcarver.
Welcome aboard Stumpcarver...

That's some nice carvin' on your site. Did ya carve them canoes too..??
Welcome aboard! Nice work.
Maine is my home state and I get up to your area every year for a camping trip. It is definetly God's country.
Too cold? Is was only 2 this morning in Jackman.
Your site is great,I like the fish bench.Do you use grinders with carving attachments?
Maine is my home state too.

It was only 9 here this morning--I decided today was a work-inside type of day.
Canoes ,bench temp

The canoes are strip... cedar and pine, I use a chain saw for 95% and die grinders (AIR) with burrs to detail. -2 deg here going to amother cold morning brrrrrrrrr
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Welcome to the club!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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