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As I'm new round here I thought I ought to say hello here first. I've really got into woodworking in the last 6 yeard since we moved into our first bought property. Having rented till then I got frustrated with the work I saw done by builders/decorators our landlord hired to do jobs. I vowed that if I could do it myself - I would. That way I don't get charged extortionate amounts for half-hearted jobs!

I come from woodworking stock - one granddad was an amateur carpenter, the other a professional joiner. Sadly both had passed on before I started to gain a real interest in this field.

I've completed a few projects - a lot of DIY-type tasks, kitchen cupboards and counters but recently have been stretching myself - my biggest completed project to date is a hobby desk (there'll be a pic in my gallery).

On the drawing board is a cubby for my PC base unit to fit in the curved corner of our bedroom (!) and a case for my wife's keyboard.

I expect I'll be asking for a lot of advice- as I begin to develop my projects. You can be my surrogate granddads!!! :smile:

I look forward to getting to know some of you guys...



BTW - I couldn't add a message using Firefox. Was it me? I have Firefox as my default browser.
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