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Hello from Kansas City!

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Hi! I'm just starting into woodworking and am having the time of my life. Every time I go into my basement workshop, I learn something new.

Over the weekend I completed my first major project (maybe not to others, but to me it was BIG). I was going to buy a Dust Deputy until I came across the Thein Cyclone plans on this site. I thought, Why not? Saturday I completed the project, emptied my shop vac, and proceeded to vacuum up the pile of saw dust. It worked! When I put my hand over the end of the hose, the suction nearly collapsed the tube! I checked the shopvac--empty. Yippie!

I'm excited to be here!
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Welcome from Springfield, MO.

In case you didn't know, there is a KC Woodworkers Club and a separate KC Woodturners Club if you are interested in lathe work.

And don't forget the Wood Working Show Feb 28-Mar 2.
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