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Hello from Illinois

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Hello everyone! Live just south of Chicago and grew up working with my Dad in his shop. Now the roles have reversed and he comes and hangs out with me in my shop. I'm into turning, building furniture, cabinets, and annoying the wife and kids. I also photograph professional sports in Chicago, mainly baseball these days.

Here's a pic of a hall table I just completed, sprayed with gloss lacquer, and a few of the shop.


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Welcome Aboard


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Couple of points:

I live just west of Chicago and didn't know we had any professional baseball teams any more:icon_sad:.

Great shop. Way too neat. I bet you don't spend anytime looking for that thingy that you just put down a minute ago.:yes:

Your right Don, both teams suck right now. I can't stand the shop being a mess, try to keep it clean even when I'm working on a project.

Yes, welcome and nice shop
And I can't remember when my shop looked like that :no:.
I'd say I'm into creative clutter--- more than one project at a time and sometimes just reluctant to clean up (pretty sure I'm the only one like that :laughing:).
Dave H
Welcome CT!

I really Ike the corner detail on the table.

And yes, very nice shop.

Your outfeed table/cabinet looks like one I saw on The Wood Whisperer.
Welcome - great looking shop and I'm on the same page about a clean shop even if folks think I never use it.
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