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Hello from Australia

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Just found this forum...
Born a Brit - never worked in the wood industry, but always dabbled with wood... Came to Aus 20 years ago - sea change - land of 'Big Sheds' - bought a 'Triton' sawbench and router table - made some things, bought more odds and sods, made more things. Made all my kitchen cabinets and doors, cupboards, kitchen workbenches, tables, TV units, etc - persevered with that set-up until last year: then I bought some big guns - 3HP sliding TS, 6" long-bed jointer, bench morticer, thicknesser - the lot... Hell, I deserve it at my age...
Trouble is - I got so many new toys, I dunno which one to play with...
I look forward to giving and taking in the forum...
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Welcome Jedo we're glad you found us.

Woodworkers deserve good tools at any age! It's the classic injustice that the young woodworkers who need the most tools first to learn the trade can't always afford them. The older seasoned woodworkers who can produce 1st rate furniture with the most basic of tools has a shop full of tools often unused. :smile:
Welcome to the forum.

thanks for the welcome
Welcome to the forum Jedo.
This is a great place for helpful input.

...or some smart-ass comments from a guy who builds guitars in his spare bedroom!!!:laughing:

Just kiddin'!!! WELCOME!!!:smile:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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