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Just getting started here. Bought a Craftsman 113.298090. I was told it was made in1998. My saw is a direct drive one. I got it because it fits my workbench without hacking the bench up to fit the motor. With that being said I'm already looking for improvements. I would like to get a 3HP motor for it, but I've been told that isn't going to happen unless the Swiss really do have a Navy, hen's teeth are real, and pigs can really fly. So, I'm still thrilled to have it. Even with the stock fence it's something I can rely on and I'm going to give it a charmed life, so help me. I live in Florence, SC anyone close give me a shout. Ok, back to the fun stuff.
Welcome from Myrtle Beach. Unless you are cutting hardwoods thicker than 8/4 your motor should be fine. My suggestion would be to get yourself the best quality thin kerf blade you can afford, a blade stabilizer, and take the time to set the saw up properly.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts