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Hello. My name is Ken (ken61). I am a woodworker with a special interest in Woodturning. I have been woodworking for many years and woodturning for about 15 years. www.woodgoround.net

I should disclose I am the general chairman of Woodworkers Showcase, a woodworking show now in its 18th year held each year in Saratoga Springs, NY. March 28-29, 2009.

This show is the biggest of its kind in the USA drawing 4000 to 5000 attendees.

So , If I say something nice about the show, you will know why.

I have been reading the posts, and it looks like a nery nice forum with many very informative posts and very nice folks.


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First off, welcome, second, watch this place, I am
the only sane person here.

Checked your site, some real nice stuff there.

I took shop in high school but the teacher was a nut.
I did not enjoy it at all. I learned drafting and wood
turning. I never did much turning but keep thinking
about getting into it.

Does the show include all wood crafts or just turning??

Again, welcome and looking forward to some of
your work.

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Welcome to the site. Hope you enjoy your stay, because you can never leave..(Hotel California, Eagles). Lot of good people here and a lot of good reading. Nice turnings on your site.
Mike Hawkins;)
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