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My name is Rich and I am a woodworker. That was liberating. I hail from Virginia and I have been getting splinters for 40 years. Started out in my Dad's small shop making and selling Lawn Ornaments on Long Island. Went to a local trade school and I was hooked.

I have slowly accumulated all of my machinery over the course of several years. Bought a house and built my shop from the ground up. Then disaster struck. My shop burnt down! It was caused by a forced air heater. An amber must have lit in an inconspicuous spot and spread over the course of a couple of hours. It was all over but the crying. I lost every tool I owned.

I rebuilt, took the insurance $$$ and was able to build my dream shop ( The silver lining I guess )

I have posted some before and after shots. I have also posted my current layout in the " Show your shop" Sticky post.

I am looking forward to spending some time here, getting and sharing ideas. Nice to meet you all.


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