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Hello all!

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Joined up to hopefully learn a lot more about woodworking and get help when I need it and at some point offer some as well! Finally got a house about a year ago and getting to the point I can start a hobby (that would be woodworking!) I have always wanted to! Beginner with only some High School woodworking shop experience here. Got lots of ideas running through my head from simple small projects to furniture and cabinets down the road!
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Welcome Aboard from St. Mary's Georgia


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Always exciting to welcome not only a member but a new woodworker. I'm sure you're eager to get going, but do take baby steps. Buy tools you need to build specific projects and buy good quality tools. As for projects - build a few things for your workshop - a workbench is a must or a router table and cabinets not to mention all kinds of workstations. Besides having lots of great folks on this site, there are lots of plans... so have fun!
Welcome. I just joined this forum and it is vary active and has lost of talent on it. I have been woodworking for 25 years and the projects that I have seen already are amazing.
SawDust Maker
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